About Us

Italian Designer Shoes dot com is your online web store for Italian Shoes. We are pleased too offer a selection of imported Italian shoes made 100% in Italy! Incredible quality at incredible prices. Secure and Safe Shopping!

Italian Shoes are considered haute couture and the most sought after type of footwear. Italian designers are amongst the best shoe designers in the world. All shoes are made according to the traditional manufacturing process giving extreme care to detail and special attention to the comfort of the foot. All shoes are made with the finest materials, giving preference to the softest leathers available. Fashion without forsaking comfortable footwear. Creative, unique leathers, colours, decorations and handmade work describe the Italian shoe.

There are many various shoe styles available. Today there is a pair of shoes for every occasion. Pair of shoes for work, shoes for working out, shoes for going out, shoes for driving and shoes for everyday casual wear.

The most popular style of shoe designed specifically for women is the high heel. High heel shoes are considered to be the most feminine and elegant style of women’s shoes today. Our styles “Capri” and “Ischia” are two styles that scream sexy, elegant and feminine. Perfect for “Tango”. The dance loved by Italians.

For the work shoe, look for something that is comfortable, yet is stylish and smart. A shoe with a little heel that you can wear with a business suit, pants, dresses or skirts.Embossed leather patterns are an elegant way to go. A classic look that never really goes out of style. Our Decora is a good example of a shoe which you can wear forever. Another style of shoe that is always in fashion and looks good day (business suit) or evening (little black dress) is the classic patent leather shoe. Our “Kewel Jewel” will work day or night.

They are many styles of italian shoes that fit the everyday casual wear category. Boat shoes for the nautical sport wear look; great with a pair of cropped khakis or shorts. Every shoe closet should have at least one pair of moccasins. Possibly the earliest type of shoe; a slip on style with visible stitching and leather bottoms. Perfect casual shoe for casual dress. Slip on and go. Driving Moc’s are another must. A type of slip on ideal for driving, with a flexible or ripping sole and a wraparound protected heel. We offer the elegant, very smart “Equestriana”. It is not just a driving Moc. Looks fab with all styles of clothing!

Another staple shoe item is the classic summer sandal. Flip flops, espadrilles and thong sandals. Sandals with a wedge heel or stacked heels. Sandals for dress or casual wear. At Italian Designer Shoes we offer two styles of casual sandals; wedge and thong. Great classic summer sandals to wear with that pretty wrap dress or shorts or jeans.

Don’t forget the boot! Women’s boots come in many heights and styles. High heeled to flat heel. Ankle length,knee length and above the knee. From lightweight leather boots, winter boots and of course snow boots.

Let’s not forget the men. Italian shoes for men are stylish and tend to be very distinctive and distinguished looking footwear. The quality of these Italian shoes are exceptional. Italian shoe manufactures and shoe designers are now offering many choices for men’s shoes. From the high style slightly elongated shapes with the square toe to superb athletic shoes. At Italian Designer Shoes we are offering the very smart loafer and classic oxford style footwear suitable for dress or casual wear. Shoes that look great with a business suit, khakis or a pair of jeans.